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 Surgery  Expertise

A surgery practice involves evaluating the patient's history, appropriate tests, asssessing the need and risk of surgery.

Dr. Lee has been seeing patients and doing surgery at USC Arcadia formerly Methodist Hospital and Arcadia Outpatient Surgericenter for over 20 years.

 Breast Surgery


Lymph node sparing surgery

Nipple sparing mastectomy

Oncoplastic Surgery

Areas of Surgerical Expertise

Breast issues and breast lumps

Breast Cancer Surgery

Nipple issues

Peripheral Vascular disease

Gallbladder Surgery

Hernia surgery

Skin cancer surgery

Wound Surgery

Hemorrhoid Surgery

Pilonidal Surgery

Lipoma removal

Venous issues

Areas of Expertise


Breast ultrasound evaluation

Breast MRI evaluation

Abdominal ultrasound evaluation

CT scan evaluation

Venous ultrasound evaluation

Arterial ultrasound evaluation

Transcutaneous skin perfusion test evaluation

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